100ml 1000ml Universal Refill Dye Ink for Epson/Canon/Lemark/HP/Brother Inkjet Printer

1. Be made by premium raw materials. 2. Perfect color performance, get closed the orignal refill ink. 3. Wide media compatibility. 4. Excellent resistance to water, light, scrape and oxidation. 5. Good stability even after freezing test and quick aging test.

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Universal Refill Dye Ink

Used for

For Brother, For CANON, For Epson, For HP Printer, For All Inkjet Printers


100ml,1000ml etc


C M Y BK LC LM etc


24 months


 All brand new or Universal




1:1 replacement


plastic bottle +color box + cardboard box

Dye inks are able to provide softer colours which look more vivid and brilliant than the pigment ink. They may come off when get-ting in contact with water unless printed on special coated label material. The print is water-resistant as long as the label does not rub against anything disturbing. When it comes to quality generally spoken dye ink wins.What is dye ink? Since the beginning of inkjet printers, dye-based inks have been around. Using a dye dissolved in water, along with various optical compounds, dye-based inks create a bright and vibrant colour on the page. They also result in sharper text fonts too. However, due to the thinner and less durable nature of dye-based inks, they will fade rather quickly when exposed to too much sunlight. There is also that issue of smudging as the water-based components take longer to dry on the paper. While this may rule dye-based inks out for those who want quick and quality prints, dye-based inks have improved significantly over the years and are catching up fast to their counterpart in pigment-based ink. Manufacturers such as HP & Epson are even using both pigment and dye-based inks together to formulate the ultimate combination of both durability and colour.

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