Permanent Marker Pen Ink Writing on Metals, Plastics, Ceramics, Wood, Stone, Cardboard etc

They can be used on normal paper, but the ink tends to bleed through and become visible on the other side.

Products Details

Product Name Permanent marker pen ink
Colour Black, blue, red etc is available for us
Volume 1000ml
Wide Application Aluminum box, plastic, tube,wood, books  etc
With enriched market experience, we have been able to offer a wide spectrum of Permanent Marker Ink.  -Anti-scrub & UV resistant Ink -Ink for Bold marking on multiple surfaces. -Water proof & non-carcinogenic ink formulation. -Easy to refill. -Available in 1000ml -Available in Black, Blue, Red & Green shadesThey are used for writing on metals, plastics, ceramics, wood, stone, cardboard etc. However, the mark made by them is semi-permanent on some surfaces. Most permanent marker ink can be erased from some plastic surfaces (like polypropylene and teflon) with little rubbing pressure. Fine-tipped permanent markers are used to write on CD / DVD surfaces.

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